What is a high pressure shower head?

High Pressure Shower Head: This is a type of shower head that is invented to produce water with high pressure without using more water volume. This is made possible by a pressure cavity system and spray settings that can be modified. The pressure system is responsible for combining air with water so that water can be pressurized. The spray system will compress the water head to give out a lesser but powerful flow.

Advantages of using a high pressure shower head

  • The major benefit derived from using a water head with high pressure is the saving of water volume. The pressure produced by this gadget enables the user to rinse quickly at the same utilizing less water. Water heads with lower pressure end up using lots of water due to the fact that they rinse slowly.
  • Using fewer amounts of water will mean that your overall bills will be reduced at a much lower rate. Not only will the water bill reduce but also the electricity heating expenses. This will boost your monthly savings which can be invested somewhere else.
  • Showering with high pressure will leave you cleaner as opposed to lower pressure. This is because the pressure that is exerted on the body is strong enough to effectively wash out dirt and soap. You will also end up taking less time in the showering room.
  • Shower heads with high pressure often give the user massaging services. This will relieve the user from paying expensive spa treatments. The different flow patterns that are available give the user a chance to select the preferred spray type. The massage is similar to a normal natural massage that you would get from elsewhere.
  • Most showerheads with high pressure have the option to modify the heads so that the user can keep track of the used amount of water. They also include an option to adjust the spray pulses to match with the user’s liking. This makes it possible for it to be used by different people at home as every individual has his or her own showering taste.

Aspects to consider when choosing the most suitable showerhead

  • The first thing that most people take into account is the price-tag. However, there are some individuals who believe that expensive water heads are the ones that contain high standard specifications. You will discover that many affordable water heads like the ones reviewed above reveal many great attributes even than the highly costly ones. You do not have to strain yourself to buy a showerhead that is beyond your budget constraint.
  • Water economy is a crucial factor. The above showerheads help the users to consume the least water possible at the same time maximizing the showering performance. Different showerheads have diverse types of water flow which in turn affect the amount of water that is consumed. Some entail settings whereby you can adjust the flow to your preference. The simplest type of showerhead that is easy to adjust settings is the one that is hand-held. This is because everyone including the elderly can access it. Bear in mind the fix-up process after you purchase the gadget. It should be simple and done within the shortest time. The showerheads revised above will not take more than thirty minutes to set up. Showerheads that are difficult to install will normally require an extra cost of hiring a plumber.
  • Remember that the showerheads come in various types. The single –set type has only one setting which limits the choices available to the user. The multi-set types normally comprise of showerheads with high pressure like the ones described above. A wide coverage of settings gives the user a broader range of taste to select from. As a result, they have become likable to many people.

Attributes present in the showerheads need to be examined.

  • Different attributes lead to diverse likings from various individuals. One of the most important elements to look at is the ventilation system of the device. For the water flow to be significant there has to be a combination of air and water to develop a misty spray.
  • Nevertheless, too much ventilation may reduce the water’s temperature before it flows out of the showerhead. A good showerhead will control the amount of air that enters in to avoid lowering the temperatures to an extreme level. A handheld showerhead is perfect for those people who like holding it to concentrate on a specific part of the body. This is made possible by the water hose that facilitates the portability of the device. The rain showerheads enable water to flow just like rainfall owing their broad heads which give out a broader spray pattern.
  • Having considered each different type of high pressure shower head, you will discover that they vary in terms of the number of settings, sprays, price and many more. However, one common trait is that they are of high quality. The needs that you intend to fulfill are the ones that will determine the specific type that you are going to purchase. For example, you may want a showerhead that has a lower water flow rate than the one you are currently using or maybe you want a showerhead that enables you to vary the water pressure. Whatever the reason, these showerheads will give you an exclusive service.

Owning a showerhead with high pressure is very important. You will discover that individuals who use one while showering not only experiences a wonderful bathing moment but also become cleaner as compared to the conventional showerheads. The device also minimizes time spent in the shower and leaves no residue whether on the skin or the hair. Furthermore, these types of showerheads will normally contain extra features such as the massaging options to treat any body aches. There are many types of showerheads that are available in the marketplace. However, you cannot just go on picking any high pressure shower head that you find along the way. It is important to consider many aspects including hygiene, quality, design-function, and price. Below is a review of the top-notch showerheads that are known to give an unforgettable shower experience

10 Best High Pressure Shower Head reviews

1. Speakman S-3010-E2 Neo Anystream

This easily rotatable showerhead exhibits the Anystream technology that facilitates a great water stream. The device includes twelve types of massage flows which are perfect for the muscle relaxation. It is further comprised of fifty exclusive sprays and five modifiable jets. With all these attributes presented in the showerhead, you are assured of getting the most from its services. The material used to construct this device is lightweight giving the user an easier time when transporting and handling. It constitutes of a warranty hence, giving the user certainty of being covered.

2. Speakman S-2253 showerhead

The Speakman S-2253 has continued to dominate the market owing to its lovely look and awesome features. The device is composed of thirty-two different types of spray channels giving the user a variety of shower tastes. Easy adjustment of the gadget is made possible by the 2.5 GPM which renders it to be user-friendly. Not only does the chrome covering extend the lifespan but also gives the showerhead an appealing appearance. In addition to these incredible features, the gadget has a life time warranty.

Speakman S-2253 high pressure shower head

3. Vida Alegria Spa shower 5+ showerhead

This equipment is very beneficial for long-haired individuals. It is specifically designed to clean long hair. However, this does not mean that if your hair is short you should not to use it. This is due to the fact that the modifiable shower sprays which have diverse distinctions provide a disparity of tastes to all kinds of users. It is flexible with any standard water connection which is made possible by the 2.5 GPM flow control.

Vida Alegria Spa high pressure shower head

4. Waterpik Sm-451 Original 4-mode

This is yet another pressurized showerhead that entails great massaging services with magnificent manifestation. The massage facilities derived from this device are hard to do away with. There are four different modes that you can choose from. The handling of the showerhead is user-friendly as it can be rotated with less effort. The gadget has an affordable price that makes it override the others owing to its outstanding execution.

Waterpik high pressure shower head

5. High Sierra 1.5 GPM

The High Sierra water head constitutes of special valves that compress water facilitating high pressure flow out. The gadget is able to produce water flow at the rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. The outer frame is constructed with strong metal which makes it last for long. Even though the valves produce some sound, this does not interfere with the job execution. It contains an extra water guard that prevents water from splattering anyhow and instead putting more focus on the body. Water saving is enhanced to a level of forty percent which is very economical

High Sierra high pressure shower head

6. Speakman S-2252

This device comes with a gorgeous appearance with the latest features needed to facilitate a fantastic showering moment. A wide display of various finishes is available giving the user an opportunity to select the best design that corresponds with the bathroom. The outline is coated with chrome making it even last for long. Water flow is enhanced by the patented Anystream technology. The device can be rotated with ease to suit the user’s preferred position. The gadget has been made more durable by the solid brass. The user is able to enjoy a variety of spray options by selecting one of the six categories. The device has an incredible warranty for its entire usage.

Speakman-S-2252 high presuure shower head

7. Delta 75152 Adjustable showerhead

The Delta is composed of high-quality features that give an outstanding performance. The spray system is improved by the dense spray pattern. One can modify the level of pressure which ranges from 1.85 to 2.5 gallons per minute. Even though the water droplets are large, the gadget consumes minimal water. The device is economical as it has a system that aids the user in saving water to almost thirty percent. The compact size of this showerhead makes it convenient to be suitably placed in the bathroom. The projection is easy to adjust giving the user less trouble when operating. No leakages are experienced once it is installed. The warranty that comes with this gadget is a good indicator of its high quality. Thus, when you use the showerhead you do not need to worry as you are covered. In case the device malfunctions, there is an option for free substitution.

Delta-75152-Adjustable-high pressure shower head

8. Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream showerhead

This showerhead is constituted of the Anystream technology and a hose that enhances water flow. The gadget has offered the user many different options to select from due to the fact that is entails five jets that are adjustable and twelve different modes of massage spray. Further, the gadget is advanced by forty more distinctive sprays giving the user more stream options. Hygiene is maintained as the nozzle enables easy cleaning of the inside area after use. The water head is adaptable to any normal water connection owing to the 2.5 GPM flow regulator. You can depend on its value as it has a warranty.

Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream high pressure shower head

9. Neptune Dual Showerhead

Just as its name suggests the gadget has extra water flow system at a price within your means. It includes a double shower and three different types of stream patterns. The fact that the two showerheads are separate from one another gives the user various moving capacities. The material used it construct the device is strong and durable due to the fact that it is made from solid brass. The warranty relieves the user of any anxieties about its permanence. Once you purchase this shower head setting it up in the bathroom is less time consuming and simple.

Neptune Dual high pressure shower head

10. KOHLER K-10282-CP showerhead

The Kohler is an affordable showerhead that is designed with the most modern specifications to give out an exclusive performance. It consists of seventy-two shower nozzles that have diverse spray mechanisms. It is easy to maintain as there is no clogging due to the showerhead’s resilience to hard water. Resistance to hard water also eases the process of cleaning. With this said, the device is ideal to individuals who live in areas that have hard water. Once you buy the Kohler, you will be covered by the lifetime warranty. Installation does not require tools and is adaptable to a typical water source. The device is made of metal to last for long which overrides showerheads that are made of plastic.
 KOHLER K-10282-CP showerhead high pressure shower head

Types of Best Shower Heads

A warm or cold shower would be the be the best thing after a long tiresome day depending on one’s own preferences. A shower head would make you have fun while at it without any unnecessary strains of any kind. And having the best shower head is equally very important.Technological developments over the years have led to the introduction of different kinds of shower heads.
There are various types of shower heads with features and descriptions, highlighted below are the best shower head;

1. Wall mounted

Wall mounted shower heads are different in many ways. They can be big or small, dome- shaped or square, ceiling or wall mounted. Shower heads are made in different shapes and sizes. All these features are specifically designed to meet personal needs and requirements. The type of shower head one requires depends on the amount one is willing to incur.

2. Ceiling mounted shower heads.

These shower heads are designed specifically to be fixed directly on the ceiling board of the house. It is often ideal to fit the shower head while fixing the ceiling board of your house for best results. In most cases, these shower heads are often high enough to give enough room while standing.

3.Rain shower heads.

Rain shower heads have qualities and features that make it stand out from all the other types of shower heads. Has an evenly distributed pressure chamber that sprays water from more than ninety spray jets. This is accompanied by the fact that it is easy to install, with the shower coupling arm fitting in the palm of your hands.

4.Handheld shower heads.

With the handheld shower head, one can opt to either use both shower and the handheld shower head at the same time depending on one’s convenience. The handheld shower head is made of flexible stainless steel and a conical brass that makes it easier for anyone to tighten with bare hands. With all these features, one would be able to install it freely without needing any tools.

5.Shower head shower filter

Shower head shower filters are designed to help in the reduction of scale and chlorine. In most cases, chlorine contributes towards the destruction of the human skin and hair. A shower head filter is therefore aimed at providing extra layers of filtration thus reducing scale and sulfur. A number of shower head filters come with warranties ranging from one to ten years.

6. LED shower heads

With an LED shower head, you could be able to light up your shower with several colors inclusive of the rainbow colors. This is one of the most luxurious ways of spending your time in the shower. Such shower heads are not very expensive to install and would best suit a dark room. The LED shower head comes in different shapes and sizes.

7. Shower heads with Bluetooth speakers.

This would only turn out to be the best option for music lovers who love having their fun times while singing in the shower. The Bluetooth speakers are designed in a way that you would be able to play music even as water runs from the shower heads. With music and you in the shower, you are set to have the best few minutes.

8. Chlorine filtering shower heads.

Not all of us have fresh water running through their shower heads. This is probably because of one reason or the other. With all this in mind, a chlorine filtering shower head is special as it helps in filtering chlorine from the running water. With this, you would be able to harmlessly take your shower in peace.

9.Novelty shower heads.

There are currently more than thirty- four different novelty shower head brands in the market. With such kinds of options, you would be able to select a shower head that would best suit your needs.


The budget you have for a shower head is set to determine the type of shower head you decide for your house. This ranges from cheap to fairly expensive with the design and efficiency determining the price. Shower head prices range from $10 to slightly less than $100.

Top 5 best shower head Brands.

1. Kohler

There are three different levels of classification of the Kohler shower head brands. One, therefore, has to consider the following while purchasing this shower head. The shower feel varies from one shower head to the other. With different temperature settings at intervals, it is made to best suit one’s needs as an individual. To begin with, one would prefer going for the simplest installation process simply because it involves less hustle.

2. Moen

Most suitable for those individuals who have a hard time choosing between a more traditional shower head spray and the rainfall shower head. This would be the best option because it fits the two traits. With the ability to switch from gentle rain drops to a much stronger spray by switching from one level to the other. Other than being durable and easy to install, the Moen water head brand is not entirely useful when water pressure is low.


Many shower head users would go for the Speakman shower head brand because of its strong stream and distinctive spray settings. It has a two-flow rate setting option that would enable you to choose between flow modes. However, one major setback of the Speakman shower head brand is the fact that you would notice struggle when streaming at low pressure. This particular shower head brand is easy to install and fix.


Despite its low pricing averaging at $25, the hand held delta faucet shower head brand is likely to offer much more. With a sum total of seven different spray settings and a long hose, one is able to choose between three different finishes. Many users currently claim that the plastic used in making this delta faucet shower head brand is flimsy. However, despite these setbacks, the delta faucet shower heads are easy to install.


This is one of the greatest cascade filtered hand held shower head combined with the latest advanced technology from Spite industries. The shower filtration technology is designed to come up with a perfect blend of both function and form. Some of these features include the removal of chlorine. it has five different spray functions and is NSF certified. To ensure you are not frozen at a point in case of breakdowns, the spite shower head brand has a replaceable filter cartridge.

6. Waterpik

The Waterpik shower head brand is one of the many shower head brands that has been tested in the lab and distributed for customer review. With such measures put in place, a number of conclusions were drawn from this particular test. This shower head has different feels depending on the level of force one uses. Temperatures are easily changed from one degree to the other smoothly just by switching between levels.

How to Improve the Water Pressure of your Shower Head.

A shower head may have low pressure for one reason or the other. This, in turn, can affect the comfortability when taking a shower. Either way, this is not the best way to start your day. The fact that many shower heads have low water pressure could be due to government legislations on saving water and energy. You may, therefore, opt to go for a cheaper shower head, open it up and enlarge the holes inside the washer. A rather expensive option is to purchase a pump that can attach to the piping system for an increase in the pressure.

Therefore, from the above descriptions, you are able to choose the best shower head that will fit your needs and still be pocket- friendly.