Because Luxury should be affordable, all our showers are exclusively low-priced.


A warm welcome from ShowerPro.

We have made it our mission to do our honest 100% best to provide you with a Product and a Service that is simply unbeatable. For that, we constantly improve the quality of our three fundamentals: Product, Price and Delivery.



This means we are always on the look-out for better newer designs. But we do not compromise on quality, and we will therefore never favour profit over it. We have a strong personal desire to provide you with the best quality shower heads.


We keep our prices purposely and uniquely below average retail price to pass on the savings directly to you. We believe Premium products can and should be in reach of as many people as possible, no matter the size of your purse.


As receiving your newly acquired shower head is as important to you as your purchase experience if not more, we select the most adequate courier for your location on a purchase-by-purchase basis. We constantly thrive to improve the delivery times and we hold a strong sense of ownership through personally tracking your product as it heads over to your home.


Why we do this

All of this started with a single square shower head. Finding this shower head simply revolutionised our showering experience. The waterfall effect was like no other, and the standard plastic ball shower heads were no match. It felt like being in the middle of the rainforest.

We therefore decided to make it available to as many people as possible and we constantly work to make it as easy to get as we can. The beauty of it was that you do not need any fancy installation. Our shower heads effortlessly screw onto your existing shower hose. You end up with a completely different shower experience, one that rivals luxury hotels, at very low cost.

We hope to be the lucky ones to give you the Gift of this wonderful shower experience.