ShowerMaxx Hand Held Showerhead Review

Are you looking for a solid hand held shower head? In that case, this amazing shower kit from ShowerMaxx is worth a shot. Although the features are amazing, what will truly astound you is the Chrome finish. Not only does it add a dash of elegance to the showerhead, but it also perfectly complements with my bathroom design.

The showerhead is of premium quality and it comes with multiple modes that will help you to adjust the pressure of water according to your needs. You can actually choose from six different settings.

The stainless steel hose is great to hold and is also long enough, thereby adding to your convenience. The best part, however, is the lifetime warranty which ensures that the product will function exceptionally well for a long time.

ShowerMaxx hand held shower head

Premium quality showerhead

This solid showerhead is built with the top notch ABS material with a sleek chrome finish all over the body. While the ABS material ensures the longevity of the shower, the chrome finish makes it elegant and attractive. The shower is perfect for your little ones and/or pets as it comes with a long stainless steel hose of 4.9 ft that can be stretched up to 6.56 ft.

Switch between different modes

This shower kit also has multiple modes that can be switched in between. If you’re looking for more force of water, try the rainfall mode. Again, if you’re looking for a relaxing time in the shower switch between the circular massage and the power massage mode. There is also a water saver mode, a rainfall+ power message setting and a rainfall + circular massage setting.

Shower kit has everything you will ever need

From rubber washers to a Teflon thread sealing tape- the shower kit comes with everything that you can think of. Besides the washers and the tape, it also has a pipe adapter that can be used as a mount for hanging your shower head handle. The hose too is pretty hefty and is made from high quality materials. It comes with a stainless steel jacket around its base.

Equipped with a removable water flow restrictor

The removable water flow restrictor is probably the best thing e about the shower head. This restrictor lets you enjoy a similar experience like the low pressure shower heads in hotels. At the same time, you can always remove this restrictor for full pressure of water.


  • Lets you switch between 6 different shower modes.
  • It comes with a free Teflon tape.
  • The kit has a lifetime warranty.
  • The Shower kit comes with every item you need.
  • The Chrome finish perfectly complements with most bathrooms.
  • The showerhead is sturdy yet light weight.


  • Certain people have experienced difficulties while switching between the different settings.
  • The nozzle holes are likely to leak even when you close the shower.
  • The instruction manual is not simple or easy to follow.
  • It will take you pretty much time to set up and arrange the shower head.


  • Made from premium quality ABS steel.
  • Comes with a stunning and sleek Chrome finish.
  • Equipped with six different settings.
  • The hose measures 4.92 ft and can be stretched up to 6.56 ft.
  • Equipped with a Teflon tape.
  • Comes with a removable water flow restrictor.
  • Comes with a shower mount in the kit.

Frequently asked Questions

What does the box include?

The box comes with one hand held shower head, one hose, one shower mount, an instruction manual, one Teflon tape and two rubber washers.
Can the ShowerMaxx fixed shower head and hand held shower head be installed in the same shower?

No. You cannot install the handheld shower head and the fixed shower head in the same shower, even with equipments. This handheld shower head is almost similar to a fixed head and can always be fixed on a mount. So you do not have to purchase the fixed showerhead additionally.

What material is the connection head made of?

The connection bracket is made of metal.

Final Verdict

Considering the features, tweaks and benefits we would definitely recommend you to purchase this shower head. I have been using this for some time, and the experience is more than just satisfying. Switching between the modes is easy and the water saving mode particularly helps me when my tank is not full. On top of that, the showerhead looks amazing in my bathroom, thanks to the chrome finish. Holding the head and using it is convenient because of the light weight nature of the product.

Setting up this showerhead is also relatively simple. So if you are looking for an excellent shower head that’ll render the best performance- this is one of the best handheld showerheads you will ever come across.