Hotelspa All-In-One 3-Way Shower Combo Rain Shower Head Review

If you are looking for a shower head that can enable you to experience rain in your bathroom then HotelSpa All-in-One 3-way Shower Combo can be the best choice for you. It is a 7 inch rain shower head that is provided with 7 settings along with a high-pressure ionic handheld filter shower to give you a unique experience of rain while taking bath. I was astonished when I used it for the first time at a hotel spa.

Unlike the showers that offer needle like water to sting you while taking bath, this shower provide you the feeling of natural rain along with peace of mind. In fact a shower should help you in relieving the stress after the busy schedule so it should be enjoyable. You can get relaxing feeling wonderfully with this shower.

Rainfall Shower Head

7 settings of this shower head allows you to experience the luxury of taking bath in 7 different manners including massage, rain, economy rain, pause, mist and combination of different settings. It also includes an extra large 7” rainfall face designed with adjustable angle to cover your entire body in a better way. It is also includes a 3 zone high power dial, click lever and rub-clean jets to enhance your experience.

Best of the world

The combination of 7” rainfall shower head and 7 high power settings makes its rain shower head the best of the world. It purifies the water of the shower with the help of its high-pressure ionic filter hand shower to rejuvenate your hair and skin without giving up its luxurious experience.

Patented 3-way system of luxury shower

Each shower of this 3-way luxury shower can be used individually or in combination simultaneously to increase the luxury of your bathing experience. The 3-way water diverter with a nut to lock its swivel has been patented to give you exclusive experience. It can be connected to any overhead arm of shower within few minutes as all of its connections can be tightened by hand without using any tool.

Hand shower filter with high pressure ion

The hand shower filter provided with this rain shower head is provided with all-natural bio-active stones to give you eco-pure filtered water to remove heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and impurities from the water. The negative Ion technology used in it purifies and softens the shower water to eliminate flaky and dry skin. Thus this shower head helps in restoring soft and smooth scalp, hair and skin.

Warranty and installation

It can be installed without using any tool. All of its connections can be tightened with hand. It can be fitted to the arm of any standard overhead shower. HotelSpa offers a limited lifetime warranty to ensure its high quality.

Combo Rain Shower Head

Combo Rain Shower Head

Pros and cons of rain shower head combo


  • It is easy to install to the arm of any standard overhead shower
  • Its multiple Settings allow you to enjoy the luxury of taking bath in different styles
  • Its long reach covers up your entire body
  • It can be installed without using any tool as all of its connections can be tightened with bare hands


  • The 7 settings included in this combo can be combined between the various heads at a time.
  • Actually there are only 3 settings that work differently other settings are linked with these three basic settings.
  • It is difficult to find a better seal as it contains more plastic
  • Its hand unit is a bit higher
  • Features of all-in-1 3 way shower combo

Main features of this rain shower head include:

  • Flexible hose made of stainless steel
  • Hand shower with rainfall shower head
  • Overhead angle adjustable bracket
  • Design like a spiralflo dial
  • Lifetime limited warranty


Is this shower head made of plastic or metal?

The larger shower head and handheld shower both are made of plastic.

Does it include a hose?

Yes, everything required to install and use this shower head is included in it.

Is there a filter in the main shower head?

No. There is no filter in the shower head.

Final verdict

Overall HotelSpa All-in-One 3-way Shower Combo is an amazing rain shower head. The instructions provided with it allow you to adjust the pressure of its water as per your requirement. It can be used as overhead shower as well as handheld shower to give you a comfortable bath as you like.