A Guide to Finding the Best Bathroom Fan

Your bathroom hygiene should always be the priority in your house. While ventilating your shower room, you help to maintain good airflow making it free of stuffy and bad smell. Shower rooms that are well maintained boost your general health as well as your family well-being.

Having a perfect fan with excellent features will contribute towards good air ventilation in your shower room. You probably know how moisture and foggy mirror define the look of your shower room. To enhance the proper airflow that will help dry out your shower after use, one needs to have a good shower fan. This will help you have clear images while checking through your shower mirrors.

If you have come across a shower room that is poorly ventilated, you will notice a lot of clogging with moist walls and molds all over. This in itself is poor hygiene. You will not only have a messy shower room, but also high maintenance and repairing costs.

What fan capacity (CFM) do you need?

CFM stand for cubic feet per minute of air moved. The different bathroom will have various sizes. This calls for the calculation of your bathroom volume to determine the CFM of your new fan.

The fan should be powerful enough to get the excess air out of your bathroom. There is an approximation of 8 times per hour of air replacement.This means that the fan will replace the air after every 7.5 minutes in an hour.
To get the right CFM for your fan, calculate the volume of your shower room. This can be done by multiplying; length x width x height= Volume (cubic meters) e.g. if you get a total volume of 900 cm3., convert it into cubic meters which will be 30 cubic meters.

To calculate the CMF required for your bathroom, take Total Volume and divide by the air moved out every 7.5 minutes. CMF=900/7.5 you will get 120 CMF.

Get to Amazon and check out the required fan for your ventilation just after calculating your CFM.

Considerations when buying a fan

Before making that bold step in buying your fan for your bathroom, the following steps might be of help to you.

  • CFM: This is the cubic flow of air per minute. Make the necessary calculations to determine the amount of air the fan can replace within an hour. This will assist you to buy the right fan or your shower room. The correct CFM allows you to choose the right size for your shower room.
  • Size of your shower room: Before making the purchase, consider taking the size of your shower room to determine whether you will take the largest size exhaust fan or the small size. The unit size of your room determines the location where your fan will be installed.
  • Total cost If you are to have the best exhaust fan for your shower room, you will go for the highly priced. It’s assumed that the higher the price, the better the quality. Make important observations on the pricing and find out the best price for your typical fan.
  • Noise: The fan with a lot of noise will irritate you unless you are used to loud noise. Smoothly running exhaust fan is an ideal option your shower. New fans will tend to produce a lot of noise, but after some days of use, the sound will slow down.
  • Power consumption: The rate at which the fan uses electricity should be considered. Some fans will consume a lot of power, hence increasing your bills. Fans with a low consumption rate are highly encouraged for power saving.
  • Color: Color clash may temper with your moods. Choosing the fan that matches with your bathroom will enhance uniformity in your bathroom. You can as well check out on the final finish of the fan.

The following are the top five best bathroom fans reviewed to help you make the necessary purchase once you have gone through.

1.Air King AK100L Deluxe Bath Fan

This is a high-quality exhaust fan. It features hanging brackets for easy installation. You will have a powerful CFM of 100 making the air ventilation continuous. Your bathroom won’t be stuffy anymore. The frosted moonstone glass makes it look beautiful. The warranty period allows you to make the necessary observations on the working of your fan.

 2. Broan QTXE110FLT Fluorescent Light Ultra Silent Bath Fan and Light, 110 CFM 42 Watt

Broan QTXE110FLT is a silent fan that works smoothly. It’s designed to use to save power, hence efficient for your home use. Its cubic flow of air per minute is 110 hence ideal for your average size of your bathroom. It’s small and has a classy design. The presence of a fluorescent light gives it an added advantage in your bathroom. If you are considering having superior performance in your bathroom, then this fan is designed for you.

3. Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan, White

It’s a fan with a good power rating. The fan has double hangers making it easy to install in any position in your bathroom. The air moved out is 110 cubic flow per meter. This is enough to make your bathroom, fresh and clean. Its white colour makes your bathroom look bright. It’s designed for a quiet operation, making your environment cool. Since it’s made from quality and certified materials, it will last long. The fan has an excellent energy saving rating hence your bills will not shock you.

4. Panasonic FV-15VQ5 WhisperCeiling 150 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan, White

This is another quality design by Panasonic. It’s easily mounted to the ceiling of your bathroom. Its white colour makes your bathroom look bright. It features a condenser motor making it run for longer hours. Panasonic FV-15VQ5 offers you superior performance and the quiet technology used makes your bathroom noiseless. It’s a power saver design that will never elevate your bills. This is a 150 CFM model, meaning its working rate is perfect. If you are considering having an efficient fan, then this is an ideal option for you.

5. Delta Breez GBR80H GreenBuilder 80 CFM Exhaust Fan with Adjustable Humidity Sensor and Speed Control

Delta Breez GBR80H is a quiet design that will give you a peace of mind. It features an indicator light to notify you that it’s working. It has an energy saving technology; hence your power consumption won’t be high. The fan operates on 80 CFM, making it ideal for small bathrooms. It is among the cheap designs, hence saving your money. The white colour makes your bathroom look lively.

In conclusion, your bathroom hygiene comes with the best bathroom exhaust fans. If you are considering to have a fan in your bathroom, make a wise decision from the review above. You will not only save on your costs but also get the right services.