DreamSpa 9-Inch Rainfall Shower Head Review

Buying the perfect shower for your bathroom that meets all your criteria is not always easy. There are many people who have not found the right product for themselves or just cannot find something suitable. The main reason behind this is the numerous options available in market these days. People get easily confused and buy something which is not meant for them.

A perfect showerhead and handheld shower combo can be a right choice. If you are looking for such a showerhead with a handheld shower too, then you can look for the Dream Spa Shower Head. The DreamSpa 9-Inch Rainfall Shower Head is ideal for you then. It has so many features and benefits that you will love it for sure.

Extra Large Rain Showerhead

This shower comes with an extra-large showerhead which is 9 inches wide. It covers from one shoulder to another shoulder easily giving a full body water flow coverage. So, you can easily wash your entire body at once. You can also adjust the showerhead according to your own need. The high fashion design with premium chrome finish looks very elegant and classy.

Convenient Push Button Control

This luxurious rainfall showerhead is very easy and convenient to use. With the help of the push button you can easily control the flow. There is no hassle of turning the dial again and again to adjust the flow control. Just push the button with your thumb and get the ideal flow for yourself. So, you can enjoy the water flow that you want with just pushing a button. That is quite stress and hassle free.

Durable & Premium

This Dream Spa shower head is quite durable with premium quality material. It is completely leak free with low reach adjustable hand shower wall bracket. You can easily rub the showerhead as well as the jet to clean. The high fashion square design looks quite premium and classy. It goes perfectly well with the modern and contemporary bathrooms.

Easy Installations

This showerhead can be installed easily without much hassle. It is completely a tools-free installation. It can be installed within a few minutes. It also comes a limited lifetime warranty. So, you will not need the help of any technician if order to install this showerhead in your bathroom.


  • Can be cleaned very easily just by rubbing
  • Operating is quire convenient with just a push of button
  • Premium chrome finish gives a perfect classy and modern look
  • Large dial for both the rainfall showerhead and handheld showerhead gives good water flow coverage.
  • Angle-adjustable showerhead provides better convenience and relaxtion.


  • There is no variation in the water flow for this showerhead

Important Features

DreamSpa 9-Inch Rainfall Shower Head has some great features like:

  • It can fit into any standard shower arm
  • Very easy to install
  • The push control flow button comes handy and easy to push
  • The angle adjustable head give better water coverage for you
  • 2 way diverter with adjustable bracket
  • Durable and premium chrome finish on stainless steel material

dream spa shower head feature


1: What is the technical specifications of this showerhead?

The dimension of this product is 5 inches x 4 inches x 9 inches with complete chrome finish. The style is oval-square shaped with high grade stainless steel chrome finish.

2: What is the length of the hose?

The length of the hose is 5 feet which is pretty good to be used easily without any hassle.

3: What is the flow rate and certification of the showerhead?

The flow rate of the showerhead is 2.5 GPM and it also owns a frustration-free certificate which says a lot about what experience you are going to have.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an ideal shower head as well as handheld shower to get complete relaxation you have to own this Dream Spa Shower Head. This shower head not only provides you with the best water flow coverage but it enhances your overall bathing experience with the revolutionary push button. It gets easier for you to have relaxed bath with the angle adjusted head.

This showerhead deserves a 4.5 rating out of 5. It is a versatile showerhead with some great features and specifications. If you are buying a showerhead you have to make sure that you buy this one. You won’t be disappointed.