A Complete Guide to the Best Shower Kits

Are you planning your bathroom innovation? Do you want to enhance its look and to make it more useful? If yes, then you can consider installing a shower kit. Shower kits are easy to install and these are cost effective as well.

You can use shower kits both in the large and small bathrooms. Initially, showers kits were coming with some limited designs, colors, and materials. But now the options will be many. You will find wide varieties of the design, color, and materials. Besides, it can easily come within your budget. shower kits intro

What is a shower kit?

Shower kit is a shower cubicle that comes with a pre-installment arrangement. These are available both in one piece and multi-pieces depending on the design. These multiple pieces shower kits can be sealed together. Normally, people prefer one piece shower kits for room extensions and new home builds and for the renovations, they consider multi-piece shower kits.

The multi-piece kits are easy to transport and can be easily brought without any hassle. But if you go for the one piece shower kit for your renovated bathroom, then you might find it difficult to get in.

A shower kit will have everything to meet your shower needs. It will have the shower floor, side panels, and in some cases, it comes with bathtub and shower doors. These kits come with installation instructions.

What are the benefits of the shower kits?

  • Easy to install: You will find it easy to install than building a tiled shower.
  • Cost effective: Shower kits are available in a wide price range. You can choose the one depending on your budget. In addition, it will be less time-consuming.
  • Easy to maintain: These kits do not demand more maintenance. You can easily clean it on your own. You just need to follow the cleaning instructions to make the process safe and effective.
  • Ideal for small bathrooms: As they come in a compact design, you can easily install it in your bathroom irrespective of size. Even if your bathroom is a small one, you can easily accommodate it.
  • Lightweight: These are lightweight and can be a good option for the second-floor bathrooms or the weak joists.

How will I get the best shower kit?

  • Multi-piece and one piece: If you are buying for a new construction then you should go with one piece shower kits. For the renovation, it is better to go with multi-piece shower kits.
  • Shape: These are available in different shapes including the square and round shape. You can choose the one depending on your preference and the interior of your bathroom.
  • Design: The design will be your personal preference. The options will be many. You just need to get the one that you find perfect for the décor of your bathroom.
  • High-quality: Quality is important if you want a durable result. You might need to spend extra for a quality product, but it is worth spending.
  • Installation: You need to choose a product that comes with the easy installation.


These are some basics that you need to check before buying a shower kit for your bathroom. Do you want a shower kit that meets all the above requirements? If yes, then you can consider the following five.

All these five shower kits are made of high-quality material and come with impressive designs. To get more details of all these, you can go through the following reviews.

1. DreamLine Infinity with sliding Shower Door, Left Drain White Acrylic Base, and Backwalls

This shower kit comes with a shower door, slimline shower base, and backwall panels. The door of this kit is matched with a stationary glass that offers wide space for the entry. It is also reversible for a left or right door opening to make it easy for the users.

It has the slip resistant floor that ensures safety during shower. It is considered the best option for the renovation and tub-to-shower conversion projects. It is durable and comes with the lifetime warranty. For this kit, professional installation is recommended.

2. OVE Breeze-34- Shower Kit with Clear Glass Sliding Door And Acrylic Base and Walls

This shower kit will be an ideal option for the smaller bathrooms. Some of the key features of this kit are the round acrylic base, premium sliding door, and acrylic walls. These features not only improve the look of your bathroom interior, it will also make the shower easy and more comfortable for you.

In addition, it is CSA certified and comes with the reversible shower door. You can adjust it depending on your requirements. It is easy to install and anyone with a little experience can install it perfectly.

3. Sterling Plumbing Solitaire Neo Angle Shower Kit Nickel

This shower kit is made of Cleancut technology and adopts space saving corner design. It can be easily accommodated in a small place. It comes with an enclosure that includes shower base, glass shower door, and walls.

In addition, it has the easy to clean high-gloss finish and the recessed walls that provide more showering space. The base and wall of this kit are made of molded polystyrene and the door is made of frameless tempered safety glass.

4. OVE Breeze-36-withwalls with Clear Glass Sliding Door and Acrylic Base and Walls

This shower kit is considered best for the smaller bathrooms. It matches well with any bathroom interior. It comes with the premium clear glass sliding door, round acrylic bases, and acrylic walls.

It is CSA certified. Some of the other features of this kit are the reversible shower door, beautiful clear glass, and the tempered 6mm thick glass. It has received appreciation for the easy installation and nice design.

5. DreamLine Prime with Corner Sliding Shower Enclosure and White Acrylic Base and Backwalls

This shower kit is well-appreciated for the stylish design and easy installation. It comes with a shower base, back walls, and a sliding shower enclosure. It can fit well into any corner and can be a good option for the small and medium size bathrooms. It is made of anodized aluminum wall profiles and ANSI certified frosted tempered glass.

It comes with the curved neo-round design for the corner installation. Some other features of this shower kit are the slip-resistant floor, water leak prevention design, and white color. For this shower kit, professional installation is recommended.