Best handheld shower heads guide 2016

Handheld shower heads are one of the few luxurious accessories in the bathroom. This is because it comes with some level of comfort. The level of comfort offered by the handheld shower heads is far much different as compared to other showerheads in the market.

In the present world, every individual is eager to use or adopt the latest technology. This applies in each and every sector including the handheld shower heads. Currently, there are numerous types and brands of shower heads to choose from. You are likely to come across one shower head brand that would completely intrigue and fascinate you. Each handheld shower head, therefore, has particular features and characteristics that make it uniquely stand out. Some of which are discussed in this article.

1. Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5-Inch Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo.

The Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5-Inch Handheld Shower Head and Shower Combo is certainly the simplest way of upgrading your bathroom. This is generally because you would not need to have any tools. With 5-Inch and function technology, you will be putting into consideration the fact that water is a rare commodity. This technology, therefore, helps in saving bills on water. You are set to have a whole new experience just by embracing this handheld shower head.

ana bath ss54 handheld shower heads

2. Grohe 46 298 IEO Plus Handspray for 33.737 and 33.759, Chrome Finish.

The Grohe 46 298 IEO Plus Handspray for 33.737 and 33.759, Chrome Finish features in the list of the best handheld shower heads. The best feature of this handheld shower head is its design. The handheld shower head is designed in such a way that you can comfortably switch between levels with your fingertips. This technology has seen the Grohe 46 298 IEO Plus Handspray for 33.737 and 33.759, Chrome Finish acquire numerous positive reviews from users.


3. Hansgrohe 04072000 Croma C 100 3-Jet Hand Shower, Chrome.

Ranging from a simple overhead shower to a luxuriously oversized shower head, the Hansgrohe 04072000 Croma C 100 3-Jet Hand Shower, Chrome is literally the handheld shower head one could wish for. Optimum performance is guaranteed by the design and functionality it offers. The design cannot be left out for any reason. Each and every individual is set to change moods one he or she steps in the shower. This applies to everyone including the most discerning bather.

mastershower 60 metal shower hose hendheld shower heads

4. Hansgrohe 06425005 Croma E 100 3-Jet Handshower Set.

To make your shower experience enticing with this handheld shower head, the Hansgrohe 06425005 Croma E 100 3-Jet Handshower Set is easy to clean. This is thanks to the fact that it has a quick clean anti-limescale functionality. This handheld shower head has a number of spray jet functionalities. These spray jet functionalities range from a smooth simple massage to sharp turbo spray modes. On the other hand, a shower arm mount is included.

hansgrohe 064 handheld shower heads

5. Ana Bath SS3232CBN 6-Inch Function Handshower and Showerhead Combo.

In order to meet CSA standards, the Water pressure is designed to remain constant at 80psi. You are therefore not likely to get bored at any given point in time while taking a shower. Ana Bath SS3232CBN 6-Inch Function Handshower and Showerhead Combo is a 6-inch 3 function handheld shower head. This particular handheld shower head is set to provide you with a fantastic and futuristic shower experience. The whole set is finished with nickel for easy grip and use.


6. KOHLER K-17492-CP Flipside02 Handshower, Polished Chrome.

The KOHLER K-17492-CP Flipside02 Handshower, Polished Chrome is a handheld shower head that brings you a sum of four distinct showering experience and sensations. You are likely to exercise the freedom of choice when it comes to the KOHLER K-17492-CP Flipside02 Handshower, Polished Chrome thanks to these four sensations. It would, therefore, be simple to select the spray you prefer. You can, therefore, enjoy the spray that best suits you only by flipping the spray head.

7. Speakman VS-3011-BN Alexandria Anystream High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head.

One of the few handheld shower heads in the present day that uphold the initial values and legacy of Speakman. Each Speakman VS-3011-BN Alexandria Anystream High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head uses eight patents per shower engine. With this, you are most likely to get the powerful water sprays regardless to the pressure. This handheld shower head would effortlessly switch from one spray pressure level to the other just by simply rotating the faceplate.

speakman vs 3011 handheld shower heads

8. Delta T17494-I Linden Monitor 17 Series Tub and Shower with in2ition 2 in 1 Shower Head.

For an unmatched bathing experience, the Delta T17494-I Linden Monitor 17 Series Tub and Shower with in2ition 2 in 1 Shower Head come along complete with each and everything you may need. It is quite unlikely to corrode thanks to the solid brass finishing. Delta produces numerous faucets while taking into account quality and standard. With this handheld shower head, you would be bringing in the helms of nature into your bathroom.


9. KOHLER K-9514-BN MasterShower 60-Inch Metal Shower Hose Vibrant Brushed Nickel.

Before purchasing a handheld shower head, you should first consider the shower head’s industry durability standards. The KOHLER K-9514-BN MasterShower 60-Inch Metal Shower Hose Vibrant Brushed Nickel finishes is designed to resist tarnishing and corrosion. With this, the industry durability standards are exceeded. On top of that, it does not involve much hustle ass it is quite easy to install. This is owing to the fact that it doesn’t require any tools to fix or mount.

10. Delta Faucet 51708 Universal Showering Components, Slide Bar Hand Shower, Chrome.

This handheld shower head is more or less superior to all the other shower heads. This is general because it can be easily adjusted to suit or fit any family member, no matter how tall or short they may be. You are not likely to be bored of using the same shower pattern day in day out. This is so because it comes with a total of seven different spray patterns that you can try one day after the other.

delta 51708 handheld shower heads

What is a handheld shower heads?

Your regular shower head is stationary. It is appended to the divider well over your head and its motivation is to splash down over you in the shower. In the event that you have a more seasoned relative who needs to sit in the shower or a little tyke, this may bring about them issues. They will experience serious difficulties the water balanced with the goal that it doesn’t shower them in the face.

A handheld shower heads can likewise be joined over your head and fulfill the same capacity. In any case, it can likewise be grasped so that the water goes just where you requirement for it to go. On most handheld shower heads, there are additionally diverse splash settings to make it less demanding for you to control where the water shower lands and numerous accompany double shower heads with the goal that you may have an altered head and a handheld. Head over to our aide on twofold shower heads to view a greater amount of these.

Benefits of a handheld shower head.

A handheld shower head comes in handy over the wall mounted shower heads in a number of ways. Some of the benefits of getting yourself a handheld shower head are;

  • With a handheld shower head, your bathroom is set to remain clean at all times without soap scum mounting on walls. You would easily use the handheld shower head to rinse the wall after a shower.
  • With a handheld shower head of choice, you would be able to create a memorable experience each and every time you decide to take a shower.
  • A handheld shower head makes it much easier to clean your kids and pets without splashing water all over.
  • Handheld shower heads are much easier to control when it comes to the amount of water. This is so because you can easily close and open the handheld shower head.
  • Considering the fact that a handheld shower head is the best fit for each and every family member, it would be wise to state that the handheld shower head has greater control benefits for the elderly and the handicapped.

How do I find the handheld shower heads for me?

  • Style and finish. This should be chosen with consideration to your bathroom. The handheld shower head should complement your existing bathroom features.
  • Fitting and wall mounting. This is important as it would determine the type of shower head you go for. You will be able to know which is which just by looking at the product information.
  • Quality. High-quality products are made to last longer even though they may be expensive. Always be sure to check other user reviews to get a general idea of the handheld shower head before purchase.
  • The size of the showerhead. This would mainly depend on one’s own preference to size. Some would go for bigger showerheads while others would prefer smaller ones.
  • The length of the hose. This determines the type of person that would use the shower head. It is, therefore, ideal to go for longer hoses so as to be fair to each and everyone using the handheld shower head.