Complete Guide to Buying the Best Dual Shower heads

What is dual shower heads

A dual shower heads where you get two separate streams of water flow with the help of double shower heads. The two different streams of the water stream are achieved with a split-shower arm or a combo shower that has a handheld shower and a fixed-shower mounted on the wall.

This shower setup is so impressive because it can make your baths more enjoyable in many ways that you can imagine. You have a two streams of water flow means you have twice the power compared to a single shower head. Two people can bath at a time, ideal for mothers taking a shower with their child or for couples who would like to bath together. Your kids will love this; they can have fun in-the shower plus teaching your children to take care of their and cleanliness is going to be much easier for you now.

Advantages of dual shower heads

1. Double power compared to a single shower head – You get to have twice the flow of water which helps you finish your shower faster.
2. Shower together option for couples – A great option for couples who would like to shower together for a more romantic bathing time. Interestingly this can improve your love life building intimacy outside of the bed too.
3. Save time – It also means that your partner does not have to wait while you take a shower, when you shower together you get to get ready together, thus buying more make time for your lady and more time for-you to plan that perfect dinner date.
4. Multiple shower patterns – Your bath time will be fun. It means you can set one head with one water design flow and another head with a different water pattern flow.
5.Wider shower area – Now the water flow will give much larger area to bathe.

How do I find the best dual shower heads for me?

1. Based on your requirement – Know your requirement. Is it for you to have more water power, then go for a dual shower arm. Or, is it to have a wider shower area, in which case go for a combo handheld with a fixed head shower.
2. Do you need to save water at times? Can you turn off one of the shower heads so that you can save your hot water for the next person coming to bathe?
3. Are you getting equal pressure from both the shower heads? Check the user reviews or test it before you make a purchase.
4. Looks of the shower – Do your showers match the design of your bathroom? Look at the options before you make your purchase.
5. Budget – Last but not the least there is wide range of choices in the market. Make sure you get value for your money and pick up the right one for your bathroom for your satisfaction.

Top 7 Best dual shower heads

1.First Mate Double Shower Head System

If you’re looking for a great shower head at an even better price than you should opt for the First Mate double shower-head system by Zoe Manufacturing, one of the leading manufacturers and the best in the class of shower systems. This product comes brushed in Nickel for a much-polished look for your bathroom. It has twice the high pressure that will help you take a quick shower and adjustable four spray shower patterns to make your bath time fun.Dual shower heads

2. Sportsheets Dual Showerhead

A choice for couples looking to share intimacy and share some fun time in-the shower. The Sportsheets Dual Showerhead from Sportsheets is perfect for a couple bathing together. You are not only able to save more water but also save each other time since one does not have to the while their partner is in the shower. It is for the two of you to jump right in together and have some fun with the shower that provides a high-pressure water flow.

best dual shower heads

Dual Showerhead Bar with Jet Shower Heads

Dual Showerhead Bar with Jet Shower Heads by Chrome has two shower-heads on the same pipe. Although, you have the option of using one head at a time or both at the same-time, it is the best choice if you choose to bathe with your partner. The shower has a great finish, all brass construction with a chrome finish goes really well with a classy looking bathroom finish. This shower uses a venturi effect which helps it to deliver water at high pressure.
Dual Showerhead Bar with Jet Shower Heads

4. Freehander 4 In. 3-Spray Shower System With Concealed Fitting

For people who wants a more stylish look to their bathroom fittings you should think of the Grohe 27007000 Freehander, shower system that has hidden joints. You will feel beautiful yourself when you are bathing with this beauty. This shower system has been designed to deliver consistent water pressure through any spray pattern. It has a anti-lime system, to keep your shower looking brand new always. It has a 180 degree pivoting arm and 18 luxurious showering patterns to choose from.

5. Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower

One of the best options in the market is the Ana Bath SS5450CBN, a combo shower with hand-held shower and a fixed shower head. You will find a reason to jump into the shower with this shower. It has five function combo shower system with three water flow features. Saturating spray for a light shower and a relaxed feel, massaging spray for the mornings and at the end of a busy day, bubble spray when you want to stand under the shower and get creative ideas on your business.

6. Waterpik TRS-523-553 PowerSpray

A reliable shower to choose and one that comes with a lower budget. The Waterpik TRS-523/553 Combination Showerhead provides an optiflow that means 30% more water force for a refreshing shower; a two-way diverter lets you change between the hand-held head and the fixed head shower with ease and anti-clog nozzles that never fails you to deliver the same quality of bath. It can be installed in minutes and runs on very low maintenance.

7. Waterfall by ConservCo WS-M5C-C Multnomah Showerhead

An option that is priced in the mid-ranges amongst the other showers. The Waterfall by ConservCo WS-M5C-C is no compromise to luxury providing 2.5 gallons of water per minute. You have the option to switch between five spray patterns and shower with pleasure. This combo shower has excellent looks; it’s made of durable plastic and brass ball joint. This system is easy to install and provides a lifetime warranty, definitely a steal for this price.